Cargo Hook Overhaul & Testing

If you have a Mechanical Specialties Primary or Remote Cargo hook in need of an overhaul, starting that process is now easier than ever. Complete and submit the form below, then just ship your hook(s) to us. This form will serve as our authorization to proceed. You will receive a copy of this form at the email address provided. If you still prefer to issue a PO, you can use the amount generated by this form to complete your PO before submitting, then just put a copy of the PO with your hooks when you ship.

You may request an overhaul for up to four hooks using this form. If you have additional hooks, just submit them as a separate order. While not all fields are required, completing as much of the form as possible will allow us to provide more complete and faster service. We strive for a 48-hour turn around from time of receipt/authorization to shipping your overhauled hook back to you.

Note: Pricing is based on basic cargo hook overhaul. Any items not included in basic overhaul, deemed unserviceable upon disassembly and inspection will be quoted prior to proceeding with overhaul. Listed pricing does not include sales/excise taxes where applicable. If customer shipping is not used, shipping/handling charges will be billed. Authorization to proceed dependent upon customer credit terms/limits.

Mechanical Specialties cargo hooks are built to last, to keep working for you, day-in and day-out. But in return, they need to be properly maintained, and doing so can get you decades of service from our hooks.

With an average of five-years time between overhauls, and our industry leading turnaround time, you have minimal down-time while maintaining your equipment in optimal operating condition.

When you send your hook to Mechanical Specialties for overhaul, we do a thorough tear-down and inspection, replacing the most common wear points, clean, lubricate and re-assemble your hook to a like-new condition. This is all covered under our base rate, and in most cases are turned around in under 48 hours. If we do find any issues beyond what is covered in the base overhaul, you'll receive a quote for that scope of work to review and approve before we proceed.

Requesting/Authorizing An Overhaul

While we're always happy to provide a written quote for you if needed, we've taken steps to make the overhaul process as streamlined and simple as possible. In fact, all you need to do is send us your authorization to proceed in the form of a Purchase Order that includes the base rate per hook, or complete our online Overhaul Preauthorization form, pack your hook and send it on in.

With proper documentation, we're able to start work as soon as we receive it, which means you get your hook back out in the field that much quicker.

When submitting your documentation, please be sure to include your carrier information or if you want us to ship it with our carrier and bill for the amount.

Please make sure to securely pack your hook, include that authorization documentation, and send it to:

Mechanical Specialties
975 85th Ave SS
Olympia, WA 98512

Making sure we have proper authorization, shipping info, and contact information all help ensure we get your hook overhauled and back to you as quickly as possible.

Qualified Repair Facility

In association with Northwest Helicopters, we're able to ensure your overhaul is carried out by experienced technicians in a qualified repair facility. All replacement parts used match specifications in the service manual to maintain certification.