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Mechanical Specialties hooks are designed, engineered, manufactured and assembled right here in-house. They are ultimate design rated up to FIVE TIMES their rated capacity with no signs of fatigue or failure.

With minimal moving parts and robust construction, you can rest easy knowing our hooks will keep working, day after day, load after load, and our one-year warranty on all parts and workmanship means if you're not completely satisfied, you and return it for a full refund.

Once you have your hook, we can supply any parts you need to do your own maintenance. We maintain stock levels on all of our hooks and parts, many orders are able to ship same-day.

Request a Quote today using our online submission form, or contact us with any questions you may have.

Model 6111

Cargo Hook Service & Overhauls

Model 901 Exploded

When you send your cargo hook to Mechanical Specialties, our highly trained technicians will repair or restore it to like-new condition.

When it comes to overhauls, our meticulous process includes preliminary load test, disassembly, cleaning, inspection and replacement of common hardware, reassembly, load test and re-certification. The majority of our hooks go from approval to ready to ship within 48 hours. No other cargo hook manufacturer can match that, and our quick turn around means less down-time for you.

Want to speed up the process even more? Complete our Overhaul Request form, then ship your hook to us. The request is our Ok to Proceed with the inspection as soon as we receive your hook.