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Primary Cargo Hook Model 303

Model 303

  • Capacity: 1500lb/680kg

During certification this hook was tested to release 7,550 lbs. or over 2.5 times rated capacity of 3,000 lbs., both electrically and manually. Ultimate strength is estimated at over 30,000 lbs. No hook manufacturer in the world can match that.

We did not set out to build a tiny, pretty, lightweight hook. What we have produced is a strong functional hook that could still operated even when dragged through the dirt and trees. As a matter of fact we even tested the hook after loosening and even removing some of the bolts! Just to make sure it would still work in a worse case scenario.

With all this strength and proven reliability, it still only weighs 7 pounds. Versions of this hook have been in operation in almost every country in the world for over 7 years. This is not a new hook that was developed on paper, but one with a proven track record and millions of operating cycles. All without any known structural failures. If you are in the helicopter utility business you may already own and have been using a version of this hook yourself.