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Primary Cargo Hook Model 909

369/MD 500 HEC

P/N: 369-430-100-001

  • FAA STC: SR02713SE
  • Redundant Hooks
  • Easy, One Day Installation
  • Transferable Between Aircraft
  • Cockpit Indicator for 2nd Hook
  • Only Minor C.G. Change at Transfer
  • No C.G./Weight Restriction
  • 714lb/324kg HEC Lifting Capacity
  • 2,000lb/907kg Non-HEC Lifting Capacity
  • 13-Month Warranty
  • 5-Year Overhaul

Mechanical Specialties’ HEC system was designed and tested to meet the FAA requirements for Human External Cargo, generally seen in the helicopter industry for powerline maintenance or construction services.

This system offers 714 LB HEC lifting capacity or 2,000 LB. non-HEC capacity with releases arranged to allow only one hook to open at a time. Operators currently using Mechanical Specialties 369D/E/F/FF STC’d primary cargo hooks can take advantage of a generous trade-in program to upgrade to an approved HEC system.

Our HEC System is a complete, out of the box solution and includes everything you need to install and start using, including a 50' longline. Additional line sizes are available separately. When not in use, store your HEC system in the included, rugged storage case.