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Mechanical Specialties Products

Primary Cargo Hooks

Model 202-2

WLL: 2500lb/1134kg

    Model UH606

    WLL: 6000lb/2721kg

      Model 909

      WLL: 9000lb/4082kg

        Model 6111

        WLL: 11,000lb/4989kg

          Remote Cargo Hooks

          Mechanical Specialties x01 series of remote cargo hooks are designed to just work for you. Ultimate design rated up to 5X their capacity, no matter the load size, no matter your helicopter weight class, we have a hook to meet your needs. Reliable, rugged and low maintenance, they are built the keep you out in the field. All hooks have the option of a standard guard, or the extended guard to help protect the load beam when working in rough terrain.

          Constructed of aircraft grade components and materials and wired with Cabtire electrical cable secured to the cargo hook guard. Available with choice of standard (S-series) or extended (E-series), powder-coated, heavy duty guard cage.

          Model 301

          WLL: 3000lb/1361kg

            Model 601

            WLL: 6000lb/2721kg

              Model 901

              WLL: 9000lb/4082kg

                Model 1201

                WLL: 12000lb/5442kg

                  Human External Cargo System

                  MD 500 HEC

                  Dual Cargo Hook HEC System

                    Mechanical Specialties’ HEC system was designed and tested to meet the FAA requirements for Human External Cargo, generally seen in the helicopter industry for powerline maintenance or construction services.

                    This system offers 714 LB HEC lifting capacity or 2,000 LB. non-HEC capacity with releases arranged to allow only one hook to open at a time. Operators currently using Mechanical Specialties 369D/E/F/FF STC’d primary cargo hooks can take advantage of a generous trade-in program to upgrade to an approved HEC system.




                    While Mechanical Specialties offers our own in-house support and service, we also have a full inventory of spare parts for all of our hooks for those looking to do their own maintenance.

                    Contact us with your needs to request a quote. Full parts lists are available in the various Maintenance Manuals, available for digital download on the Documents page, or use the Parts Lookup to cross-reference Legacy/New parts numbers.