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Hook Overhauls, Easier Than Ever

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Mechanical Specialties has always been proud of our quality of service when it comes to overhauling your cargo hooks, with the vast majority of them being turned around in under 48 hours from time of authorization to when we have it ready to ship back to you.

But that doesn’t take into consideration the time spent producing quotes for the customer to review, approve, maybe generate a PO, and return to us. This is maybe the primary bottleneck in the process at this point, and one where we have taken some steps to try and eliminate.

Cargo Hook Parts

Since all of our overhauls start with our base kit, at a base cost, now you can use our Overhaul Pre-Authorization form to essentially generate a quote that you can use to generate your own PO or simply submit as your authorization for us to begin work. You complete this form, send in a copy along with your hooks, and as soon as they arrive we have what we need to start the tear-down and inspection.

If we find your hook needs some work beyond our standard overhaul, we will still send you a quote for your approval before doing any of that work.

Look for more updates to our website as we continue to make improvements and additions over the coming weeks.

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