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HEC System Certified by FAA

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Mechanical Specialties’ MD 500 Series Dual Cargo Hook System Certified by FAA

MD 500 HEC

[OLYMPIA, Washington, April 12, 2021] — Mechanical Specialties LLC, affiliate to well-known Northwest Helicopters LLC, announced it has received FAA STC approval for its dual hook Human External Cargo (HEC) System. Requiring extensive testing to meet 14 CFR § 27.865(c) certification, the system is now approved for MDHI (Hughes) models 369D, 369E, 369F, and 369FF. The dual cargo hook system can be used for both non-human and Human External Cargo.

The system requires minimal airframe alterations. The ease of installation along with the ability to transfer this system between aircraft is what sets it apart from other options in the market. The system can be initially installed in less than a day; after initial installation the secondary hook can be removed or installed in seconds as needed.

“An evolution of our industry leading secondary hook belly band, this system was designed with input from many of the industry leaders in HEC type helicopter operations. We believe that our system captures all of the elements most desired. Redundant hooks, no adverse C.G. loading conditions up to and including the maximum certificated weight, easy and quick initial installation, cockpit indicator to alert pilot to secondary hook status, and transferable between helicopters if needed, are some of the design considerations that were incorporated from the beginning. This system brings the reliability, ease of maintenance, and cost-effectiveness that Mechanical Specialties, LLC hooks are known for to the certified HEC hook market,” said Jeff Winner, General Manager for Mechanical Specialties.
Mechanical Specialties’ HEC system was designed and tested to meet the FAA requirements for Human External Cargo, generally seen in the helicopter industry for powerline maintenance or construction services. This system offers 714 LB HEC lifting capacity or 2,000 LB. non-HEC capacity with releases arranged to allow only one hook to open at a time. Operators currently using Mechanical Specialties 369D/E/F/FF STC’d primary cargo hooks can take advantage of a generous trade-in program to upgrade to an approved HEC system.
Please contact Ryan Brinton at for more information about purchasing or upgrading through the trade-in program.
Mechanical Specialties:

Mechanical Specialties LLC is one of the leading manufacturers of helicopter cargo hooks – designing, engineering, and assembling both primary and remote cargo hooks while focusing on quality manufacturing and testing. Founded in 1989, Mechanical Specialties prides itself on keeping costs and maintenance low, while ensuring high reliability of products.

P/N: 369-430-100-001 Price: $34,500.00 USD (FOB Olympia, WA 98501)

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