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Mechanical Specialties offers a complete line of remote helicopter cargo hooks. Founded in 1989, our main goal has always been to provide low cost, low maintenance, reliable cargo hooks.

Featured Products

Quality Manufacturing

We proudly design, engineer, manufacture and assemble 100% of our cargo hooks in-house. Our internal engineers turn concepts on paper into the finest finished product in the industry. Our CNC department uses state-of-the-art machining stations capable of unbelievable accuracy, consistency and repeatability. We use only the best aircraft grade materials ensuring the utmost in quality, strength and durability. All remote hooks are available with a rugged tubular steel guard also built in-house, and engineered to take the daily abuse of working in a hostile environment.

Quality Reliability

Due to the robust construction and simplicity of operations of Mechanical Specialties primary and remote cargo hooks, reliability concerns are virtually eliminated. Maintaining your hook is now a simple task, keeping your cargo hook in operation and making you money. Less time on the workbench means more time on the job. You can count on Mechanical Specialties’ cargo hooks to be there when you need them.

Quality Tested

Enjoy the peace of mind built into every single Mechanical Specialties cargo hook. All of our cargo hooks are pull-tested to FIVE-TIMES beyond their rated capacity, with no signs of fatigue or failure. Why test them to five-times their rated capacity? Because we want our customers to know they can rely on Mechanical Specialties to do the job their hooks are asked to do – no questions asked. Unlike cargo hooks purchased elsewhere, our hooks are designed to safely lift their rated capacity day-in and day-out for years of faithful service.

Quality Warranty

Our products carry a one year warranty on all parts and workmanship. If after receiving a Mechanical Specialties hook you are not completely satisfied with their quality, simply send it back and we will refund your money. Overhauls are accomplished in 48 hours, and we guarantee that it will be on its way back to you within that time. No other cargo hook manufacturer can match that.